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We look forward to hearing from you about our website, our activities or African aviation safety. Please contact us at

Flight Data Services welcome your efforts to improve flight safety in Africa, and look forward to helping you in any way we can. For information we provide FDM services to about 40 airlines including African operators Safair, TACV and KoralBlue.
Splendid website! Keep up the good work as it is a shining example of how it should be done! I'm looking forward to working with you over the next years to further strengthen African aviation safety.
Tom Kok, I read about the work AviAssist is doing on your website and I was very happy that you are looking into the very important area of aviation safety in this region. I am an aircraft accident investigator currently employed by the Ministry of Transport, Kenya on part time basis. We handle many accidents, mainly general aviation, but I have dealt with Netherlands companies like Martinair and Fokker on accident investigation issues. Accident investigation is a key component of a good aviation safety management system. Do you have any projects in this area, to enhance the capacity of African governments to investigate accidents in compliance with ICAO standards and practices? Regards, Colonel Enos Ndoli Ministry of Transport, Air Accident Investigation Department Nairobi, Kenya
Your efforts to improve aviation safety in Africa are desparately needed in a continent where the hull accident rate is the highest in the world.Thanks for a work well done . M.Tekalli
Mahmud A Tekalli
Dear sir i appreciate your efforts ,and i wish it'll cover all Africa and we are ready to help. best Capt. Samir Abusaada Safety manager The Libyan Syndicate of air transport
I find your foundation contributing to the aims and objectives of the Aviation Safety Road Map. Our organization Aviation Safety Institute is in its formative stage and certainly look forward to working with you on African aviation safety. We are located in Monrovia, Liberia.
James Attoh
I am the Director ANS at Institute for Civil Aviation of Mozambique (IACM) and I support all those who are fitghing to increase safety in Africa and all over the workld.

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