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The AviAssist Foundation is the only independent, nonprofitorganisation dedicated to promoting professionalismin African aviation safety. The Foundation's sole purpose is to provide impartial,independent, expert safety guidance and resources for theAfrican aviation industry.
We provide our safety guidance & resources throughtraining courses, social media and Africa's only dedicatedsafety promotion magazine - SafetyFocus. On top of that,our Safety in African Aviation conference provides Africa'sonly neutral ground for competitors and regulators to meetand address safety issues.
We mostly work in
the 25 States of the ICAO East and Southern African (ESAF) region. 

Our services include:

  • Making best aviation safety practices available to African professionals
  • Communicate effectively about aviation safety (incl. distribution of SafetyFocus - Africa's dedicated safety magazine)
  • Training and support programs to improve aviation safety
  • Provide expertise & advice to organisations providing safety support to the region
  • Enabling aviation organisations globally to deploy safety expertise as part of their corporate social responsibility programs
  • Map safety improvement requirements & produce a catalog of opportunities to address the requirements
  • Assist in processing those requirements towards projects
For more information, see the section on programs and services. Programs of the AviAssist Foundation are long term commitment.  Why? Because sustainable safety requires a long term commitment.

Capt. Auke Dros - Chief Pilot Airbus 330 fleet - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Bert Kraan - Deputy director Civil Aviation Authority Netherlands (rtd.)
Ron Louwerse - Managing director Rotterdam The Hague Airport - Schiphol Group
Hellen Ndichu - Safety manager, Rwandair
Ron Schipper - Board Member Kenya Airways & Precision Air (Tanzania)

The staff of the Foundation has over 28 years of combined experience in African aviation safety support.

Tom Kok - Director

Marily Heyster - Senior program manager (part time volunteer, Dubai based)

Blaise Bazimya - intern (Rwanda Based)

Tax relief & charitable donations - AviAssist Foundation & ANBI status 

The Foundation's tax number (RSIN) is 8184.80.555

Strategic vision/ Beleidsplan
The Foundation operates on the basis of a five year strategic plan. The current plan lays out the plans for 2015-2020. Click here to download the Strategic Vision 2015-2020

Remuneration policy
The remuneration policy of staff is in line with industry standards for independent, non-profit organisations.

Contact details
The Foundation can be contact via email at info [@]
The Foundation's phone number is +44 7552.816.435 and it can be reached by fax at +31 (0)84 8325185

Financial accountability
Click here to download the Foundation's financial statement and here for the balance.

Data protection policy
We take our responsibility to protect your personal data extremely seriously and have updated our policies to reflect the new 2018 GDPR regulations. You always have the right to ask for erasure from our magazine and email database. We do not collect any sensitive data such as gender, date of birth, medical details, gender, photos and videos of professionals in our network. You can read our data protection policy here.

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