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 My trips often start on board of Flybe out of nearby Exeter airport. This May trip was no different. It marked the start of two weeks of mapping the Foundation’s focus of its resources in the coming 5 years.




9-13 Mar, Aviation English (location t.b.c)
19-20 Nov, Safety in African Aviation Conference, Kigali, Rwanda


» SafetyFocus magazine 2-2014 peek preview (3,5mB)
» Africa Regional Aviation Safety Group (300kB)
» Story of Kijana: Airport Wildlife management (1mB)
» Intro in airport wildlife management (1,3mB)


The independent AviAssist Foundation promotes professionalism in African aviation safety. 
As a non-profit organisation, iidentifies threats to aviation safety, analyses the problems and works on practical solutions to them. Its primary area of work is the 24 East and Southern African States. It is the regional affiliate of the Flight Safety Foundation. 

The AviAssist Foundation relies on support from governments, companies, individuals, foundations as well as fees for services. Your organisation can contribute to aviation safety improvements in Africa. This can be through a contract for services, providing free or cost+ expertise to the Foundation or promoting the Foundation in your network. Why not advertise in our complimentary SafetyFocus magazine, combining goodwill creation with meaningful African exposure in 42 countries? You'll be surprised how affordable it is!






Over 18 years of work in Africa has equipped the AviAssist Foundation well to deal with the technical as well complex political, social and cultural issues that play an important role in improving aviation safety anywhere in the world.

Kigali Airport Fire Fighter training complete

African Aviator Award 2012 winner Recogni

African Aviator Award - Call for no

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